Maciej Zaporowski – Academic Relations in City of Lublin

Professional manager responsible for city and universities relations. Located in Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department within structures of City of Lublin, Poland. Has experience in working with universities in the area of public authorities – industry – academia and citizens. He can provide information about academics such as: statistics, number of students, faculties, contacts to researchers and business. Focused on supporting local initiatives from students, students organizations and universities’ decision makers. On behalf of Mayor of the City of Lublin represents local authorities in academic life and events. Actively involved in Study in Lublin, Lublin IT Upland programmes and in series of activities towards students. Local coordinator of international networks: EUniverCities and XARXA FP. Privately sailing, gliding and playing drums.


City of Lublin is an academic city. Within 340,000 inhabitants, 60,000 are students. This means that 1 out of 5 citizen is a student. Over 10% of students are international students. There are 9 universities (5 public and 4 private) and every year 18,000 graduates is looking for an internship or job. Eventually 5,000 graduates will stay in Lublin.

Over 150 different faculties are offered by local universities. Some of them are “general courses” with 2-3 weeks obligatory apprenticeships, the other – “practical courses” – 3 months long traineeship. Challenge #1: Companies say, that 2-3 weeks of apprenticeship is too short. 3-months apprenticeship is better for companies, but in big picture less students can get placement. Other problem is that some companies see apprenticeships as a cost only.

From city perspective internationalization plays important role. Almost 1,000 international students every year tries to find an intern in local companies. Most of them successfully, but we face language barrier: challenge #2 either international student doesn’t speak any Polish or the company staff doesn’t speak English.

Another issue that city is involved in are ERASMUS+ students and VET students. Incoming and outgoing ERASMUS+ students deliver experience and culture exchange. The City of Lublin is a member of XARXA FP network helping international exchange of mobilities (pupils and teachers of VET schools). Challenge #3 is safety and language issues of the students.

City of Lublin is eager to exchange experience and learn from each other to strengthen the quality, supply and overall image of apprenticeships across Europe.